Coming Up For Air

Hi friends!

I'm so excited about the next few weeks because there's a lot lined up on our schedule. I picked up an exciting new project for a friend's non-profit and I'll be neck-deep in that until the organization's annual fundraiser on October 17. I feel so blessed to have this work, but it's going to keep me from blogging for a while. I'm going to try and stick with my weekly baby updates because it's still so incredibly important for me to document these milestones. 

 Also, my final paper is due October 9th and then I will be finished with classes for my master's degree! *happy dance* I still have to complete the required portfolio, but I have until December for that so I'm not in much of a hurry there. 

Pierce and I are almost done with the nursery and I am nesting like crazy. I haven't actually nested (as in, I haven't actually gotten much done), but I'm doing my best to keep my weekends free from now on so I can finish all the home projects I have in mind before Lucy arrives (in just five weeks or less!). I pray for patience as we prepare to be parents. I want everything to be perfect when she comes home, but obviously I need to let go of these expectations because life is going to turn upside down. I think I just want the house to be in order so it's one less responsibility to worry about in the first few weeks that she's home.

A few more quick updates:
  • I can feel Lucy way down in my pelvis now and it's the strangest sensation. She's incredibly active and her size makes even the slightest movement noticeable (and sometimes uncomfortable). Sometimes I feel like she's going to break through my skin! Honestly, I find myself impatient to meet her despite the fact that there is still so much to do...
  • I feel great, but I've been having some cramps the last few days, which are not easy to ignore. I find myself thinking, "Is she going to come early? Is this it?" I imagine that will only get worse as the days go by.
  • Have I said how much I love my husband? Because I do. He is such a huge encouragement to me every single day.
  • We got the crib mattress! Thanks to our sweet family friends for giving us such a generous gift.
  • We'll attend the hospital's breastfeeding class tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to it. I can't say Pierce is exactly excited about it, but I know he's been on board with learning as much as possible to make our transition into parenthood as easy as we can. He is going to be such an incredible father.
Hope you're having a nice, relaxing Monday!

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