34 Weeks

You guys, it's officially fall. And not just because Starbucks says so.

Today has been the first of what I hope are many chilly days. The kind when it's just cool enough to wear boots and a light sweater without actually having to deal with all the ugly things that come along later when it gets really cold. Like dead trees and ice storms.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be 34 weeks and guess what? We finally painted the nursery! My mom came over on Saturday and we knocked it out in a few hours. The toughest part was actually cleaning out the room because since we moved in we've been using it as a catch-all/storage/pet room and, man, it was kind of nasty in there. By eleven o'clock that night, we had finally put the storage items away in the attic (Well, Pierce did. I just watched. Those pesky ladders...), set up the crib, and mopped the entire room. Yesterday after work I painted the I Love Lucy logo on the nursery's pink accent wall. It was hard to do it freehand, but I'm pretty much in love with it anyway. I hope Lucy likes it as much as we do.

Baby Lucy: At last week's appointment, Lucy was still head down, which is such a relief because even though I'm still experiencing a ton of pelvic pain, I know every week that she hasn't moved is another week she probably won't. And having her in the correct position is essential for a natural childbirth experience. She's also back to measuring two weeks ahead which has us wondering if she'll come a little early. I'm totally for it now that her nursery is almost complete! 

Mama: Pelvic pain. Braxton Hicks. And now we can add heartburn to the list. 

Classes: We have our breastfeeding class on October 2nd, and we've been reading our book on The Bradley Method to prepare for labor. I feel much more confident about it knowing that I will have Pierce as my coach. 

Weight Gain: I'm up one more pound since my last update, so 22 pounds total so far. Pierce and I were looking at my belly last night and we both thought there is no way she can get any bigger. But with 6 more weeks to go I'm pretty positive she will. It just seems like my belly can't stretch anymore! Thankfully, still no stretch marks and, surprisingly, my belly button hasn't popped yet. I'm kind of wondering if it's going to at this point.

Cravings: I had way too much sugar over the weekend and Baby Lucy was not having it! My diet has been a bit poorer in the last few weeks and laziness is entirely to blame for it. All I want is comfort food, but after feeling sick on Sunday (and the thought of junk food making me want to puke), I have done better at making my own meals and sneaking in as many veggies as I can during the last two days. My body rebelled against me and I don't want that to become my habit, especially now that we're so close to meeting our little girl.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

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