a baby shower for the ages

I completely understand where the term "shower" comes from at this point in my life. And, no, I'm not talking about taking a shower, but about being "showered" with love. This little girl of ours has no idea how much we cherish her already, and I have the generosity of our friends and family to prove it.

This past Sunday, my mama and cousin Brittany hosted a shower for baby Lucy and it was absolutely gorgeous. Everything from the "I Love Lucy" cake (from Publix, of course!) and the breathtaking view of the city to the dozens of hugs and belly rubs I received and the gifts now huddled in the corner of my office, just waiting to find their proper place in Lucy's nursery, made it a perfect, perfect day. It made me realize how many people are celebrating with us and I'm so humbled by the time and effort they've spent, and continue to spend, making sure that we know it, particularly my mother and my cousin. They worked incredibly hard for months to make this shower a success.

Thank you Mama and thank you Brittany for everything you've done, not just for the shower, but for me and for my family. I love you both more than words can ever say.

Side note: unfortunately, I forgot to bring my SD card with me, so all my pictures are from the iPhone again. At some point in my life I will get my crap together and show up to one of these beautiful events with my camera!

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