My Maternity Must Haves

One of my more recent hobbies has been finding other mommies-to-be on Instagram and checking out their photos. It's a fun, easy way to get ideas on maternity style, thoughts on pregnancy and birthing, and go gaga over the cuteness of their little babies (I can't WAIT to see what our sweet Lucy looks like...will she be blonde? Brunette? Will she have my nose? Pierce's lips? I'm so impatient...). Some of my favorite bloggers are expecting and, at night, when Lucy is kicking and I'm not even remotely tired, I'll scroll through IG and take a peek at what everyone else is "liking". It's easy to spend hours wasting time there, which is why I try to do it only at night, but it's definitely a fun time-waster.

So I thought it would also be fun for me to share some of my maternity must-haves here, in case you guys find yourselves stumbling upon my blog at one o'clock in the morning. 

1. Up first, She Reads Truth. It's pretty well documented at this point that I struggle with anxiety and, back in January when it was really bad, I had a very difficult time doing what I knew needed to be done: spending time in the Word. It just felt like work, ya know? I couldn't see how it would immediately benefit me, which just goes to show how forgetful I can be in terms of my relationship with Christ. Of course it's work! But it's so worth it. And when I start my day with Him, I find that my anxiety decreases tremendously and, suddenly, I'm not only functioning better...I'm seeing myself the way He sees me. She Reads Truth is a fantastic website with daily devotionals written for women by women, and I cannot recommend it enough!

2. The Belly Band! I mentioned last week that our friend's wife lent me hers when I was just about nine weeks along. Basically, it allows me to turn all my regular jeans and pants into maternity pants, simply by keeping them unbuttoned (and often unzipped, as well) and slipping the band on top. It helps to wear a long shirt over it since it's black and doesn't always match what I've got on, but it looks like a cami and it's been a life-saver financially.

3. My "Gorgeous" fragrance by Victoria's Secret. This was a Christmas gift to me from the hubs, and it's lasted forever. I have the lotion pictured here, as well as the perfume, and it just makes me feel sexy. Being pregnant is so much fun, and I love watching my body change. But there are certainly times when "beached whale" comes to mind and putting on a little Victoria's Secret goes a long way towards making me feel beautiful again.

4. Oh, iced coffee. Where do I begin? I've been really good in the last two weeks about drinking only decaf. I just never felt good when I would drink caffeinated and even though limited amounts are okay for us preggo ladies, there are no benefits for baby Lucy. Dunkin Donuts has, hands-down, the very best decaf iced coffee and, even better, it's so affordable! Try it. You'll thank me.

5. I love a good camisole. They're great for layering over the Belly Band, as well as over each other, and they're the perfect compliment for cardigans, cropped tees, and just about everything else you can think of. Plus, I have a long torso and I hate having to pull my shirts down over and over again. Long camisoles keep me from getting too fidgety...which is great because having a growing belly tends to make one fidget quite a lot.

Thanks for reading!

What are your maternity must-haves?

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C.Curley said...

Great list! When I sat down to write out my must-haves, I ended up with a list a page long! haha! I've always had trouble being concise! :) Hence the series instead of single post.