happy friday and all that jazz.

This has been such a great week! The rain has finally slowed down (not that I really minded...I love a good thunderstorm) and the sun is shining today. But there's also a good breeze so it's pretty much the perfect run-errands-buy-birthday-presents-drink-tea kind of day. 

As I'm finally making serious headway on my manuscript edits (that first half was complete and total drudgery), I'm just going to toss a few updates on here today and call it a go so I can get back to 'em.

- I'm almost 26 weeks along and feeling great! (The picture above is from a visit last week with some old friends from my Kenya team) There are a few little frustrations these days, though. Lying on my stomach is pretty uncomfortable. Maybe it's because it presses all that extra baby goodness up against my rib cage? I don't know. Sleeping on my left side really is the way to go. Also, I look hilarious trying to get up from our bed in the morning. But I can still bend over and touch my toes! Hooray for all those years of gymnastics.

-Lucy is super active and feeling her move is, hands-down, the very best part of being pregnant. She likes to dance whenever I play Imagine Dragons, Mumford, and the like. And, for that, I praise the Lord.

-I've got a couple showers coming up in August (plus my best friend's wedding shower and my birthday!) and I'm stoked! Not only to receive presents, but to see my family and friends. I've always been pretty good about staying in touch with loved ones, but there are a few people coming who I haven't seen in years. Can't wait to hug on them!

-I'll have my glucose test in two weeks and we're praying all goes well. Lucy has been measuring big in recent weeks, and gestational diabetes could be a cause, although I don't have any other indicators, such as a family history of diabetes, obesity, etc. So let's hope she's big just because her parents are giants.

-I've been looking for a job for months now and although I've had multiple interviews nothing has changed, thus far. I'm spending a lot of quiet time just waiting on the Lord. I don't know what His plans are for us, but I'm doing my best to trust in His timing. It's not easy. Not at all. But I feel much better about the future these days than I did back when I found out I was pregnant, so that's a very welcome blessing.

That's it for now! Happy Friday to each of you.

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