Expecting with Casey Leigh from The Wiegands!

Alright, I'm going to gush a little here, y'all.

This beautiful blogger, Casey Leigh, is one of my absolute favorites. She is an incredible artist, a woman of God, a wife, and a loving mama of three sweet babies: Aiden, Ainsleigh, and Apple. And she writes in a way that feeds my soul and helps give me hope when I kind of feel all alone in the world. She has fears and she talks about them. She has faith and she shares it. She's honest in a way many bloggers are not, and I think the world is better for it.

So when I thought of starting this "Expecting" series, she was the first person who popped into my head. And when I approached her about participating, she graciously gave her permission to let me use any of the content from her site. So I selected this post, from August of last year, when she was nearing her due date with Apple. I can't wait for you guys to read it! And I hope you'll stop by The Wiegands to learn more about this awesome mama and her sweet family.


Do I have what it takes?

Before I had Aiden I can remember moments where I would think "do I have what it takes?"
 I mean I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I have always worked with kids and always loved working with little ones. 
I knew my kids would be my world. 
But I still let doubt creep in occasionally.

Then I can remember before Ainsleigh came...the same question popped up. "do you have what it takes?" 
Can I balance two? 
Can I love them both the way they need? 
Can I meet those needs.... can I live selflessly and patiently. 
Can I do everything I have been doing, but double?

Now as we await the arrival of Apple it has crossed my mind again. 
"Casey, do you have what it takes?" 

I do. I can.

 Each time I have been able to embrace the new phase and as soon as doubt creeps in I remind myself of the past. 
How these same questions crossed my mind in the past and how we handled them.
How amazing motherhood has been. 
How these kids have changed my world.

So self doubt, there is no place for you here. 

I can't wait to have a new chapter to embrace!I can't wait to add to our family and to see what this next year holds for each of us.

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Cassie said...

yes... she is amazing! Love her blog, her heart and her passion for the blogging community! Thanks for sharing and congrats!!!