Eighteen Weeks

I can't believe I'm eighteen weeks already! It's going by so quickly.

Now that I'm nearly halfway to full-term, I'm feeling little Nunnery move and kick and do all kinds of Jedi knight moves. It's so much fun to lie down at night and feel him (or her...still have a few more weeks) wake up and say hello. Even when I'm at my most anxious, or sad, or unhappy for whatever reason, those little thumps surprise me right out from underneath my little black rain cloud. It's like a burst of sunshine every single time. I love it.

I'm still bouncing back and forth, as you can probably tell, between being frightened and being completely overwhelmed with joy about meeting our little one. But day-by-day it gets easier. My husband is a tremendous help in that department. I'm so glad we get to go on this adventure together.

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