10 Weeks and 3 Days

Hi friends!

What with traveling, applying for jobs, working, and preparing for our trip to Europe in May (eek!), I haven't made as much time to sit down and blog about my pregnancy...or take any baby bump photos either.

But this morning I got up ready to take on the day! It's so beautiful outside (finally!) and I was eager to get some spring cleaning done and spend an hour or two in the sunshine.

{Oh, and I know I'm white as a sheet. I haven't had a tan in years!}

Today I am 10 weeks and 3 days along, and baby Nunnery is about the size of a clementine. He's a little more than two inches long and he's starting to develop hair follicles, as well as finger and toenails, and his sex organs are settling into place. I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl. Just a few more weeks!

 I'm nearing the end of my first trimester and I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. I suppose life is just getting me ready for the moment our little one is born. I'll blink and he'll be going to prom! 

While we were in Tybee, I started to feel million times better physically...and mentally. I never had morning sickness so intense it prevented me from getting out of bed (or sleeping), but it was certainly annoying to want to throw up anytime someone mentioned foods like squash or zucchini (normally two of my favorites).  I can still wear my regular clothes, although my bottoms are starting to get a little snug. I don't know that I'll be investing in too many pairs of maternity jeans. I'll probably just stick to the maternity shirts and dresses so I can wear them after I've delivered (which is still such a strange thing to say).

Dear baby Nunnery,
Your papa and I are so excited about how big and strong you're growing. I heard your heartbeat two weeks ago and it was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard! I'm trying not to want to rush every milestone, and just take each day as it is. Papa talks to you sometimes, and he tells me that you're going to think he's cooler than me. Which is probably true. But I promise you'll always know how much we love you! 
Love, Mama

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C.Curley said...

Love it!! I haven't taken any bump pictures at all! I've been meaning to, but I couldn't figure out what to wear and it just hasn't happened. It's funny because some people tell me I don't look pregnant at all and that I don't have a belly yet. Then other days coworkers are randomly touching it and commenting on how cute it is...and a complete stranger CONGRATULATED me over the weekend!! Yikes! I wasn't sure if I should feel excited or concerned. haha! I decided I should feel excited since she assumed I was pregnant and not just fat. That's what I'm hoping for all around! haha!