Rosalena Viviane Wise

She's here, she's here!

On Sunday evening, my sweet, sweet friend Rosalie gave birth to the tiniest of beautiful babies, a little girl she named Rosalena Viviane Wise. There have been so many prayers surrounding this babe and her mother and father, and we're so grateful she made it this far. Rosalie was admitted to the hospital around 23 weeks, and it was a daily battle for her. She was having lots of pain and had to be on bed rest indefinitely but, thankfully, they were able to keep little Rosalena in until 25 weeks and 1 day! She has a long journey ahead of her, but she's healthy! So grateful for this truth today. 

I can't explain how my heart is bursting. I wish I could. Rosalie has been the kindest of friends to me. She is an encouragement to me almost daily, and without her I think I would feel more alone in this sometimes not-so-pretty world. The journey to this picture, to seeing her little one alive and well, to holding her hand and touching her skin, has been wrought with pain and fear. But God is good. And Rosalena is here with us. 

Please be in prayer for Rosalie, Scott, and Rosalena, for continued health, for peace, and for joy. 

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C.Curley said...

It is SO amazing that babies can be delivered that early and go on to be healthy little ones! Praying for this family!