The Vampire Diaries: On Set

Oh, hey!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my complete overload of photos about serving as an extra on set with The Vampire Diaries. Yesterday, my best friend, Jillian, and I spend a whopping 15 hours there! It was tedious, and sometimes boring, but also exciting and a little bit glamorous, too. I think I might have bruises on my arms from where Jillian clutched onto me when she first caught a glorious glimpse of Paul Wesley in the flesh! And Ian Somerhalder...oh don't even get me started! I thought Jillian was going to faint. It was fantastic! I've only ever seen three episodes, but it was still a blast being there with her. 

We spent the morning getting ready to go on set. We were acting as patrons in a couple of diner scenes. First, we were there with Claire Holt (so sweet!) and Nina Dobrev. Later, we sat together at the bar right in front of the three main characters: Nina, Ian, and Paul. Jillian had a clear shot of the action from where she was sitting, and the best part was listening to them poke fun at each other and make jokes between takes. I was having so much fun because Jillian was on cloud nine. I served as background in this same episode a few weeks ago, but it was freezing outside and the actors were across the street, so it wasn't quite as much fun (although I did  make a sweet new friend...hey Caitlin!) Plus, I didn't have my best friend there to freak out every time an actor walked by...I tell ya, it makes the experience that much more enjoyable when you get to watch it through the eyes of a huge (er...obsessed) fan. 

The only downside with getting to be on-screen with actors comes the sometimes disappointing privilege of seeing them as they really are. And in one case in particular I was not impressed. I won't say who it was because, well, this is the internet and it never really goes away once you hit "Publish", but I will say this individual was completely disrespectful to both the crew and the dozen other staff members hovered around her at all times. She acted entitled, vain, abrasive, and unprofessional. She's a fantastic actress, but I felt that the people who have spent so much time making her career a success deserved more respect than they were given.

Or maybe she was just having a bad day (but still...).

Anyway, watch for us on episode 18 of this season, debuting March 28th! You can find me walking my pink bicycle behind Paul Wesley (Stefan), sharing a table behind Nina and Claire, and sitting at the bar with Jillian, drinking fake coffee. Hooray for fifteen minutes of fame!

P.S. These were the only photos we could take because we were in extras holding, where it was allowed. I caught a few blurry, terrible shots of the actors as they walked by us, but since we weren't technically supposed to do that, or ask them for pictures, or have cameras on set, or do anything other than our jobs, I will just say it was awesome and leave it at that.


Melissa said...

Is it bad that I giggled at you holding a chair that read "VD Locations", like it was a mad of where to contract a venerial disease? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I dont know if you talking to nina or claire? :) I would love to be on set to