Love Out Loud

Hi friends!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers these last few days. Sometimes, I see the face of God in people who cover me in love, and I am so grateful for all your encouragement.

In light of what has been happening in my life in recent months- both good and not-so-good- I've been thinking of ways to improve the the things I love most. Like this blog. Obviously, I have a new design (which I still look at everyday and think, "Oh, hello there! Don't you look fabulous?") and I've also been working on some new ideas for a couple of blog series.

Today, I'm proud to introduce Love Out Loud, a series I've created that's going to center around doing just that: loving out loud. It can be in any way you think of: painting, drawing, praying, serving, spending an afternoon in the sun, reading a good book, cooking a meal. Anything that allows you to take what's inside of you and put it out into the world.

About a week ago, my friend Jennifer and I picked up this little beauty in her parking garage. Someone had left it by the Dumpsters and when I saw it I just knew it belonged in our office. We have a stack of books that have been hiding out in the corner behind the door with no place to go. And with a little TLC this piece has found a brand new home!

This is my first project for Love Out Loud. If you'd like, please join in! You can share your own projects with me on Instagram or Twitter by using the hastag #loveoutloud. I would love to see what you come up with!

Hope you all enjoy the Oscars tonight! 


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is such a great find! And you did a great job fixing it up!

So, Loving Out Loud in this sense counts as an outpouring of your soul, creatively manifested?

My name is Wendi. said...

Thank you! And yes! Exactly :).