it's a girl thing.

As you know, my little sister Kati recently celebrated her sweet sixteenth. 

I still can't believe it. 

The girl who snuggled close to a picture of the two of us at Disney World and cried the morning I left for college...the girl who begged me to drive her everywhere and buy her McDonald's fries...the girl who loved hats and writing stories and gave me the wisest eleven year-old wisdom when I moved home from sixteen.

And, this year, she's going to prom, too.

Wasn't I just changing her diapers?!

It's gone by so quickly. She was finishing up kindergarten when I graduated high school back in 2003. So watching her try on dresses today was kind of surreal, but also maybe the coolest thing ever. My mom, Kati's best friend, Sarah, Marie, Lily, Rose, and I went along for the ride. We had lunch together, played a little dress up, and went gaga over everything Kati put on. I would swear I had a premonition of what her wedding day will be like: lots of women who love her, fluttering around like chickens, oohing and aahing over our gorgeous girl. I kind of can't wait (kind of). Until then, prom will just have to do ;).

Oh, and she found the perfect dress, too. 

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