snapshots + memories

Today's snapshot comes from our trip to The Varsity yesterday afternoon. I was sick with the flu all weekend (January, are you over YET?) so I wasn't much use to Mary Beth as she moved in her new roommate on Sunday, but we did get to celebrate together. 

Looking at this picture, I see the faces of some of my favorite people in all the world. One I've known for years and years, since we first met in Bible study in college...a girl who lets me crawl under her covers and sleep when I'm sick and who lauds loud and long and shares my affinity for strawberry picking. One who reminds me of the girl from The Help, the one who wants to love and be loved in return...the one who is sometimes misunderstood but has more strength than she knows. And one who lives life in such an uncomplicated, lovely way that I can't help but smile when she's around. 

It's a good picture, I think. A very good picture.

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