snapshots + memories

Hi friends!

A very happy Monday to you (if there is such a thing). 

This is the beginning of a new series I'm calling snapshots + memories because I want to document the little moments throughout my day and share special photographs from my past. The idea came to me as I was drowning my sorrows in coffee over the pain of anxiety and depression overwhelming my mind these days. I think too much on my fears. I want to start replacing my fear with truth and light and joy.

And there's no better time like the present, is there?

Today's snapshot comes from Barnes & Noble, where I am currently writing this post. This is my view and it's pretty lovely, if I do say so myself (not that I had anything to do with it, I guess). That corn muffin was off the chain.

I've been trying to get up and get out of the house every day, as I've realized that being alone is a huge trigger for my anxiety. Even just being here, among writers and readers and stay-at-home moms with screaming kids and, hey, even Melissa Carter, formerly of The Bert Show (she was sitting right next to me earlier...and I did my best not to stare...she was one of my favorite cast members!) makes me feel like I've returned to some state of normalcy. It's easy to distract yourself from external pain, like fights with friends or money worries or stress, but it's never easy to distract yourself from...well...yourself.

Forgive me if these last few posts have done little to boost your joy. I just want to be transparent and share my heart...even if it's not exactly pretty right now. It helps. I hope you don't mind. I imagine you know what it feels like to be here. Maybe my posts help you, too. I sure hope so.

More snapshots + memories to come! 

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C.Curley said...

I understand a lot of where you're coming from. I'm an introvert so being alone seems like it wouldn't be a problem, but I still need people and human interaction SOME of the time! Shortly after Scott and I got married I decided to quit student teaching and withdraw from my grad program. So I had no job and no school. I was at home alone while Scott went to work for nearly three months and it about drove me crazy! All our friends had pretty much moved away after they graduated and it was before we had found a church together. So I really didn't have anyone to hang out with. And I didn't really have a purpose. I did a lot of cleaning and jogging and watching Grey's Anatomy! haha! I know your situation is different, but I'm just saying, I know sort of what it's like! I think you're being smart by trying to get out and stay positive!