oh, the things you discover when you leave the house...

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! Ours was pretty good (but let's not talk about the Falcons game, okay?). I spent Friday night hanging out with my sweet friend, Rosalie, who was such a big encouragement for me. I'm so grateful to have this awesome woman in my life! Later, Pierce and I headed out to Conyers to spend the night at his friend Kenny's house with some of our other college buddies. On Saturday, we served with our small group at MedShare organizing surplus medical supplies to be shipped overseas. The rest of the weekend was spent watching movies, mourning over the loss of the Falcons game (I still don't want to talk about it!), and hanging out in our living room. 

It was a nice surprise, though, to have Pierce at home with me yesterday. He rarely gets days off, but we got to cozy up on the couch, watch the Inauguration (Mr. President, I saw how you messed up the oath again. Poor guy. I guess even world leaders get nervous.) and spend some of our afternoon exploring the city.

I have to tell you, it was a little like going on an adventure (which I've been craving these days...mostly as a coping mechanism for my shit-tastic depression). It's incredible what you find when you decide to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday:

Bella LOVED the little dog park. And it loved her, too.

Do you know what this is?!

It's a mini free library where you can take a book and leave one in its place. When Pierce spotted it, I almost couldn't believe me eyes. I've heard about these before but I had never seen one. 

Every time I think I can die happy, something else shows up and tells me I can't. Not yet. Although I really don't know what can surpass this little gem. 

Happy Tuesday!

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C.Curley said...

Sounds like fun! I need a weekend like this! But unfortunately I've had the plague all week and now I'm working this weekend. Not really the recipe for a fun time! :(