my so-called iPhone life

From left to right, top to bottom:

1) Bella gets bored when I leave her outside too long.
2) Laci drawing her own version of my flower sketch.
3) The NFC Championship game (which I STILL don't want to talk about!) with my Daddy.
4) Laci's sweet goodnight message to me.
5) Kenya friends seeing our lovely Amanda off to Uganda for a year!
6) My best friend Jillian asking me to be her bridesmaid! Of course I said yes.
7) Volunteering with our married couple's small group at MedShare.
8) Friday night dinner and drinks with my cousin, Brittany.
9) Trying to survive my first official drive with Kati now that she's 16 (just kidding...she's a great driver).
10) A skinny vanilla latte at San Fran Coffee.
11) Enjoying the first of our winter snow!
12) Day 1 of the "Wendi is depressed" flower extravaganza, courtesy of my awesome friends!
13) Day 2.
14) Day 3.
15) Day 4. I love them.

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