Home Tour: Our Living Room

Hi friends!

I'm really loving this series, so far. It's great fun to share our new home with y'all because it was great fun decorating and making it ours. Thanks for taking a peek.

Today, I want to show you guys our living room/entry area. Our house is only about 1,250 sq. ft. and so we've done our best to utilize the space as much as possible without making it look cluttered. Let's be honest here, I did most (i.e. all) of the decorating, but Pierce was an integral part of helping me take those Pinterest inspirations and turn them into reality. He's pretty cool like that.

Having pictures of my Kenya girls on the coffee table was important for me. It is (and has been) all too easy to come home from a trip like that and forget exactly what it was like to see their faces, to hold their hands, to hear their laughter. And I don't want to forget. Every time I sit down on the couch, I see them and say hello again. And then I remember.

Also, I was pretty stoked to find that globe paperweight at World Market. It was made in Kenya and it displays the Kenyan flag. How perfect!

This was one of our favorite purchases. It was also bought at World Market and it was labeled the "Cute As A Button" love seat. It makes me happy just to look at it. Now if we could only keep our crazy cat from trying to use it as a scratching post.

As you can see, books are a huge part of our lives. As a writer and reader, I don't feel at home unless there are shelves of books around. Blame my mother.

This piece is from our wedding, and we have two more like it. Long before Pinterest, we planned to get married and had to come up with all our ideas ourselves. Because we're also big music lovers, we thought using some of my dad's old records as guestbooks would be a unique way to showcase another one of our shared interests.

We have a little nook behind our front door, and we thought it was perfect for a mini mud room. It really helps us keep things organized when we come home.

This little side table is my pride and joy. I found it at Home Goods and just had to have it. It wasn't very expensive, and it was the perfect addition to our surprisingly wide hallway. We needed something to close in the space a bit, and this was perfect. It's also another sly way to showcase our love for Georgia Southern, as you can see from the postcard there, as well as our love for books and Kenya.

That gourd was blessed by a village elder named Rebecca in Kenya. The women gave it to me because I was the only married member of our group, and they asked me to use it to remember them by. It tops my list of all-time favorite memories, besides getting married and seeing the Parthenon in person.

Look at us! We were just babies. This photo was taken on our first Valentine's Day together, back in 2006, during my junior year at Georgia Southern.

Thanks for stopping by today! And thanks for reading.

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C.Curley said...

I love everything!! You are doing a great job making a Pinterest-worthy home! :)