And now we're in the teenage years!

So now that it's 2013 does that mean we're going to start acting like bratty teenagers?

I mean, thirteen is a tough year. I remember. It wasn't all that long ago, really.

But even with its challenges, it was also pretty fantastic. I saw my parents go through a difficult divorce, but I made a new friend who stood by me throughout high school and who remains dear to me to this day. I finished my last year of braces. I started high school (I have a late birthday; it was always the first week of school). I survived my first real heartbreak. I started marching band and fell in love with music. I got second place at the Science Fair. 

All in all, thirteen was pretty great. 

2013 is gearing up to be pretty amazing, as well. And I start out the new year like many of us do, with lists and plans and goals. It feels like, somehow, a new year means being a new person. In many ways, that's what I hope for myself in 2013. I don't want to be afraid all the time. I want to have peace in my heart and trust in God. He deserves all of that from me and so much more. I want to pursue Him actively each day and let His goodness overflow from my heart. It's time to stop trying to avoid things that scare me and tiptoeing through life like I have done in the past. I can't be afraid if I am pursuing Him because choosing to love my Savior means trusting that for whatever plan He lays out in front of me, there will be a way to take it. He will never ask of me what He won't prepare me to do.

In this year, and every year after, this means:

  • reading the Word daily, in some capacity
  • praying without ceasing 
  • seeking His wisdom in my marriage, my actions, my friendships, my work, and my goals
  • thanking Him for even the smallest things (especially for the smallest things)
I have other resolutions for 2013, but they all fall behind these. They're not even possible to accomplish without these.

But, because all the cool kids are doing it (and when you're thirteen, you tend to give into peer pressure), here are some of my more superficial resolutions:

  • stop biting my nails (by doing manicures, keeping them painted, chewing gum...whatever works!)
  • drink a half-gallon of water a day (I already have the jug)
  • walk around our neighborhood at least three times a week (one mile)
  • learn replacements for unhealthy ingredients and actively try to use them more often (i.e. applesauce in cake mixture instead of vegetable oil)
  • edit my book and re-send it to the requesting agent
  • perhaps get my book published?
  • paint our office
  • save money for Europe
  • finish grad school
  • go on a beach vacation
  • learn to take better pictures

God bless you in 2013, friends. And thanks for making 2012 so wonderful!


meme-and-he said...

love these goals! And I love how you prioritized them. First things first :)

My name is Wendi. said...

Thanks girl!