Book Excerpt from Marie Astor's On the Rim of Love, Plus a Giveaway!

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Marie Astor is back again with another fabulous release for us to sink our teeth into! Today, I'm excited to share an excerpt from her novel, On the Rim of Love. Before you go, be sure to enter her giveaway! Details below. It would make the perfect last-minute Christmas gift (I know I'm not the only one who needs to finish).

And now, without further ado, a sneak peek at Marie Astor's On the Rim of Love:

It was two o’clock, and Taylor Denton was about to embark on his last descent of the day. He had been shredding the slopes since the early morning, and he was beginning to feel the burn in his legs. But the grueling training regime was well worth it – provided that nature cooperated and the snow conditions would be right, he was going to face the Needle Eye in a little over two weeks, and he needed to be in top shape. 
Taylor was about to drop into the forgiving incline underneath the tram line - it was all he could manage with his fatigued quads - when he noticed Maggie Robin. She was standing with her back to him, a little to the side of the mountain. She was holding her camera in her hands, completely oblivious to everything around her. 

That girl thinks she can do whatever she wants, thought Taylor, noticing the absence of a guide with her. What Maggie chose to do on plain ground was none of his business, but when it came to the off-piste terrain, he felt responsible. 

“Hello there, Maggie.”

Looking stunned, she turned around. “Taylor, what are you doing here?” 

“Keeping an eye out for any skiers who wandered off without a guide.” 

“Well, I hope you’re enjoying yourself,” Maggie answered curtly, clearly not liking his attempt at a joke. “Good luck with your search.”

“Maggie, I think you know what I mean.” Taylor did not want to get all preachy, but it was obvious that his message was not going to get across otherwise. “You can’t just venture out like this on your own – you should have a guide with you.”

“Why? Do you think that no one is good enough to ski out here but you?” She glared at him. 

This is getting crazier by the minute, Taylor thought, whatever got her so worked up? “People have been known to lose their way or get seriously injured. There’s no ski patrol out here – if something goes wrong, there’s no one to call for help.”

“And what makes you think that something would go wrong? I know what I’m doing and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do.”

If it were not for the circumstances, Taylor would have turned around and walked away. As it were, they were stuck mid-way down the mountain together, and he was determined to see Maggie get back safely – after that, she could do whatever she pleased. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is and frankly I don’t care, but because I ran into you, it’s now my responsibility to make sure that you get back safe. Then, you can do as you please.”

To get your own copy of On the Rim of Love, click here. And to get to know more about Marie and her other novels, be sure to stop by her website here, or say hello on Twitter and Facebook!

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Marie Astor said...

Thank you for featuring On the Rim of Love today!


Catherine Lee said...

Maggie's awfully sassy and defiant in parts of this story! If I was her BFF, I tell her to tone it down so she doesn't blow it...LOL.