5 Things I Love About Christmas: Part V

Well, it's about time for my favorite day of the year to become my least favorite day of the year. I thoroughly dislike December 26th. I can't help but feel a little blue whenever it rolls around. But before I start wallowing in my post-Christmas depression (I'm such a drama queen), I want to celebrate the beauty of this incredible season just once more. 

Like many of you, we spent most of our time with family this week. We visited my Dad's family on Saturday. Then my mother and little sister visited our home yesterday afternoon. And today we spent our time with Pierce's family. We're so blessed to have our loved ones living near enough to Atlanta that the longest drive we have to make is an hour and a half up to Talking Rock.

We're also very blessed to be close to our families, so the holidays are always something to look forward to. I'm grateful for their laughter and love, for their generosity and affection, and these last few days have been some of the best of the year.

Again, merry Christmas to you all! I hope yours was lovely.

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