5 Things I Love About Christmas: Part III

This was a bittersweet weekend.

I don't need to talk about the weight of what happened in Connecticut. We all feel it. We carry it with us. But none more so than the families of all those sweet little ones who lost their lives. And the families of those wonderful, selfless educators who gave the last of what they could to save others. Let's pray for them. And, in this season and the next, let's show our love wherever we can.

Now, in light of this tragedy, my own loss seems (and is) very small in comparison. I was laid off on Friday, along with a dear friend of mine, and it was quite the shock. But God works on our behalf, and I believe this was from Him. In fact, I'd just spent the night before talking to my husband about wanting to pursue freelance and contract work, as well as build this blog. It's frightening to "be without" but I know I'm not. I have everything I need and more. And now I have the freedom to pursue what brings me the greatest peace and joy.

As my Christmas gift this year, Pierce bought tickets for The Nutcracker at The Fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta. It's such a beautiful, historical place. There's no other theater like it in the world. If you ever get the chance, you should stop by and see a show.

 Thank you, Hubby, for the best Christmas present ever. And for sitting through all two hours of it with me. I love you.


Sally Roberts said...

I got laid off during the holidays last year. It was a particularly crappy time for it to happen. I'm sure everyone has told you this already, but try for unemployment in the meantime! That's what I did, at my former boss's recommendation as they were letting me go. It was (obviously) less money than I made before, but it was enough to cover all of my bills and it took away some of the financial strain and worry while I searched for a new job.
Best of luck!

My name is Wendi. said...

Thanks girl! Yeah, I applied yesterday. And we have some savings still, so we should be okay for the next couple of months. I'm trying to enjoy this time now and not stress. Thankfully, our bills are paid for this month and all our presents were already bought, too. I appreciate your encouragement! It really means a lot. And thanks for reading, too!

Sally Roberts said...

No prob! I check for updates all the time - I enjoy reading other people's blogs now that I've started one, too. It's a better outlet than updating my FB status 98 times per day. Lol.