sun in my belly

Guys, it really happened.

I finished my term paper! Hooray! Somehow, we made it through Hell Month (formerly known as October) in one piece. We closed on our house and moved into it, somehow managed to find a temporary home for my beloved Camaro (Not without expense, I might add, but so worth it. I love you, Camaro.) PLUS all my hard work paid off at the conference and, now, I am blissfully done with my paper and I'm sitting here in Barnes and Noble with a skinny vanilla latte feeling...strange. I have the week off work and I have NOTHING to do. Let me just soak this in...

Ok, so what about the election? 

Just kidding. I really don't want to hear your opinions. We have a leader. Let's stand behind him and support one another, no matter our differences, and do our our part to make real changes in our own communities, mmk?

Enough of that.

I've had so many blog posts running through my head during the last week, but I haven't had time to sit down and edit photos. These are some of my favorite. I got to see my bestie, Jillian, last week who was in town from St. Simon's Island (Where she lives! Ugh, hate her, but not really.) and we had brunch at Sun In My Belly. 

We might have died a little over the colored mason jars and the vegetarian sausage that Jillian actually stopped eating because she didn't believe it was vegetarian. It was that good.

I love you, Jillian.


C.Curley said...

I wish I had everything behind me! It's full staem ahead until the end of the semester. But then it's not only the end of the's also the end of grad school! It's exciting but kind of terrifying, too. But I'm dealing with it! Enjoy your week off! :)

Kenziefaith said...

This looks so fun! What a cute place. Congrats on finishing your term paper!!!