Book Excerpt from Marie Astor's To Catch a Bad Guy, Plus a Giveaway!

Happy happy Friday, y'all!

Today, I've got a special treat for you guys with an excerpt from Marie Astor's newest release, To Catch a Bad Guy. This should help get your holiday reading started early! Because let's be honest: we'd all rather be reading a good book than fighting the crazies out shopping on Black Friday, right? Right?! Don't tell me I'm the only one...

Here's a peek at To Catch a Bad Guy to help change your mind:

Remembering her appointment with Tom Wyman, Janet checked her watch. It was ten thirty a.m., and she was due to see Tom at eleven. Janet grabbed her handbag and headed for the ladies’ room. Yes, it was silly, but she wanted to touch up her makeup for Tom. Not that she was interested in him in any way: he was a colleague, but that did not mean that she would not enjoy Tom’s attention.

Janet examined her reflection in the ladies’ room mirror. Today she had opted for a less conservative outfit of a navy pencil skirt and silk blouse with a bow-tie detail. The 1980s inspired combination was very much in style at the moment. Janet had to admit that she was pleased with what she saw: the skirt ended just at the knee, exposing her favorite part of her legs - her calves, which were elongated by her three-inch heels: the pointy-toed black patent Mary Janes were not the most comfortable option in her closet, but they were by far the most flattering. The blue-green pattern of the blouse brought out her green eyes, and the bow-tie detail accentuated the slightly lower than average neckline, while her neatly put up chestnut hair provided the necessary counterweight to make her outfit office-appropriate. She looked like a sexy librarian, minus the glasses, and if Janet knew anything about men, she was certain that Tom Wyman would be intrigued. She quickly reapplied her lipstick and dusted a light coat of powder over her face. She did not need any blush since her cheeks were already pink with anticipation.

At a quarter to eleven, Janet was back at her desk. For reasons beyond the powers of her common sense, her heart was palpitating with expectation. Her reaction was absurd, and she was the first to admit it. Instead of primping in the ladies’ room, she should be reading up on SPV creation – the topic of her upcoming meeting with Tom. But right now her mind had the rationale and the clarity of that of an oversexed teenager, and she was powerless to control it. Yet again Lisa had prevailed – thanks to her meddling, a business meeting had acquired romantic connotations, fraught with nerve-wracking anticipations of a date, which Janet very well knew her meeting with Tom was not. Yet she could not help acting as though it were… But then it was dishonest to lay the blame entirely on Lisa, for Janet knew full well the underlying cause of her flustered state – after being backstabbed and dumped by her boyfriend of almost five years, her confidence was not what it used to be, and say what she might about keeping her relationship with Tom Wyman purely professional, she could not deny that the attention of this handsome and successful man would be a welcome poultice for her bruised ego.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Check out Marie's official website to learn more about this fabulous author or head over to Amazon to pick up your own copy. Be sure to stop by Marie's Facebook or Twitter to say hello!

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Samantha said...

Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Lee said...

I had to smile when I got to the "sexy librarian" line in the excerpt. As a "not-sexy-at-all" librarian, I know that I would not survive a work day wearing pointy-toed, 3-inch heels! I don't even OWN 3-inch heels...and my hips stopped fitting in pencil skirts long ago. LOL. However, I can live vicariously though Janet. That's one of the joys of fiction.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Marie Astor said...

Thank you for featuring To Catch a Bad Guy!

Catherine Lee said...

I love this "behind the scenes" wonderfully captures a sense of anticipation.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

nursebowen said...

Wow..that book sounds like a winner..And a new author for me to read!! I think I'll be role playing in my dreams!!