my so-called iPhone life

You'll be seeing lots of these from here on out. Not just because I have an iPhone (though, obviously, that's part of it); mostly, it's mostly because I literally have every single day scheduled on my calender for the month of October because I'm trying to save myself some sanity. I don't want to neglect my blogging because I just love doing it. But, right now, it can't take precedence over a 12-page research paper, edits to my novel, pitch practices for the conference, Bible study twice a week, grad school assignments every week, and closing on our house (which, at some point, will mean packing, too). 

So thanks for understanding if I'm a bit MIA for awhile! I'll try to keep it consistent, but I can't make any promises :).

(From left to right, top to bottom):
1) Tea, homemade pumpkin rolls, and a great book.
2) Lunch with Hubby at the CNN Center.
3) The Ga Dome where Hubby works (RISE UP!).
4) My first Instagram.
5) The $20 Minnetonka boots I found at Plato's Closet. Bliss.
6) My city and it's quirky places.
7) White peach tea and A Walk with Jane Austen by Lori Smith.
8) Yard sale-ing with my friend, Amanda, who is preparing to leave for Uganda in January.
9) Feeling the bathroom at work. Don't hate. And, yes, that's a toilet seat in the background.
10) Face Time with my littles!
11) Pumpkin salsa at World Market.
12) On the corner of Ralph McGill Boulevard.
13) Fall.
14) New dress from Love Culture!
15) Rapunzel, chilling on my desk.

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