meet roslyn morley joy barclay

i am so in love.

i have a new niece.

meet roslyn morley joy barclay.

i was there, with my mom and my little sister, while marie, my sister-in-law, was in surgery on friday. my brother, tommy, was racing back and forth, updating us on her progress while simultaneously trying to check on marie and text everyone else. it was so sweet. he is smitten just like the rest of us.

we're grateful for a healthy baby and a healthy mama. marie's still in a lot of pain, so if you would pray for a quick recovery we would really appreciate it.


on saturday, i thought a lot about how our family has changed in the last few years. there've been new additions, both young and old(er), and this is what i wrote in my journal:

"there is a sweetness, a delicacy, in new life that brings out the best in us...the best in families. a gentle, quiet recognition that we are whole, that we are one, perhaps more whole than we were before, even though we were unaware of any lack prior to this day."

rosie cheeks has made our family whole. and when another little one comes along, or another husband or wife, we'll grow just a bit more and wonder how we ever got along without them.

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AJClarke said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! :-) Ben and I were just talking this morning about how we can't imagine life without our boys. I remember being pregnant with Micah and wondering how there could possibly be room in my heart for more love that what I had for Calvin. Yet, here he is and I can't imagine life without having him to love now, too!