closing day

Well, guys, this is it!

Tomorrow morning, at nine a.m. EST, my sweet, patient, hard-working husband and I will finally close on our house!

I can't get over how incredibly blessed we both feel right now. It's been such an abstract idea to us, this concept of owning a house. Even now. But it's not an idea anymore! God has taken our tiny budget and this big ol' city and placed us in a house that will become our home. And it's so much more than we imagined. Because that's how the Lord works, isn't it? He takes the deepest desires of our hearts, holds them up to the light, and says, "Oh, this is wonderful, you guys! This is fantastic! But just wait! I have something even better!" I picture Him going out into the world ahead of us, holding His finger to His chin, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, searching for just the right thing. And when He sees it, a deep, gentle laugh fills the air. Because He knows it's perfect in every way. 

God knew we wanted something a little older, with some character, in a revitalized neighborhood where people would know our names. He knew we wanted the nearness of the city with a bright green patch of grass and maybe a little garden, too. And what did He give us? 

Everything we asked for...and more.

He gave us the little old house with the lawn and the city within walking distance. But then He also said, "I think I'll add a cheerful red door to welcome them home. And another yard in the back. And maybe a white picket fence. And, oh! A fireplace! And a pecan tree, too."

He knows us so well. And He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement during these last few months. Our realtor, our lender, our family, our friends...all of you have been crucial elements in this story. And we love you very, very much!


Anira ♥ said...

I like the white kitchen ^^ You have a nice blog :)

*click to visit my blog*

xx, Anira

C.Curley said...

Love the beadboard in the bathroom and the kitchen cabinets! :)