How many books can I read in a year?

So far, the answer is a depressing thirty-five And out of those thirty-five, ten are repeats. 

Oh, yes, I'm a book repeater. 

Every year, I give myself (you know, like a gift) the goal of reading 100 books. And every year I want to punch myself because I never even get close and failing at something I love seems like an EPIC fail, ya know? Or like I've been re-gifting this goal to myself for years and one day I'm just going to go, "Are you serious? Again?"

Here's my list this year, so far, with my favorites in bold:

1)      The Maid of Fairbourne Hall
2)      The Apothecary’s Daughter (Re-read)
3)      A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty
4)      Bossypants
5)      Catching Fire
6)      Mockingjay
7)      Something Blue
8)      Kisses from Katie
9)      The Atonement Child
10)   The Magic Hour
11)   The Bible (still reading...)
12)   Breaking Free
13)   Chasing Harry Winston (Re-read)
14)   Reflections on the Psalms
15)   How to Eat a Cupcake
17)   Erasing Hell
18)   Love the One You’re With (Re-read)
19)   A Vintage Affair (Re-read)
20)   True Colors (Re-read)
21)   The Swan House
22)   Tortured for Christ
23)   The Cowboy Singer
24)   The House at Riverton (Re-read)
25)   When Madeline Was Young
26)   The Girl in the Gatehouse (Re-read)
27)   Melody (Re-read)
28)   Living in Glass Houses
29)   Where We Belong
30)   Something Blue (Re-read)
31)   Love Does
32)   On the Island
33)   Baby Proof (Re-read)
34)   Cold Sassy Tree
35) The Night Circus

Any thoughts on my next book? What are some of your favorites?


C.Curley said... idea how many I've read so far this year. 35 seems like a pretty good number though! It's harder when I'm in school b/c I often feel like if I'm going to read it should be from my textbooks or research articles. bleh! Now I kind of want to figure out what all I've read so far! :)

My name is Wendi. said...

You should! I just have a running list :). And I found another to start last night. It's called The Light Between Oceans. Pretty good so far!