can't shake it

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and by "it" i mean this darn cold. i woke up this morning at 3:30 with yet ANOTHER wicked case of the snot-running-down-my-nose-head-feels-like-it-was-beaten-with-a-bat-congestion. and then i stayed awake almost until it was time for my alarm to go off at 6:30. and if you don't know me that well, let me just tell you: a sleepy wendi is a mean, irritable, unhappy wendi. a sick, sleepy wendi is even worse.

 i'm afraid this might be evidence of a developing allergy to our animals, particularly our husky, bella. i really hope not. she's like our child. but then again maybe we just need to spend some time vacuuming every square inch of our apartment and dusting, too.

 ugh. this is brutal. no lie. no exaggeration. i am not a pretty sight today. please pray for me if you stop to think about it. i need my sleep and some air flow through my nose! thanks a bunch.

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C.Curley said...

Oh, I feel you! I am still trying to shake a cold that started last Friday night. I can breathe now but I have a really awful sounding cough that makes everyone in the vicinity give me evil stares for leaving home with my germs. Feel better soon!