to bang or not to bang

...yeah...that sounds dirty.

It's not.

I've had my bangs for about nine months and I absolutely love them. Unfortunately, I don't like the hassle of keeping them trimmed and my hair is so fine that after just a few hours of hanging over my perpetually oily forehead my bangs become stringy and dirty. Baby powder helps alleviate the problem, but it's a problem I'd rather just not have. I keep them? Or do I let them grow out?

Here are some photos in case you need help deciding.

When I was little my mother was very pro-bangs, as was Cassy's mother, Debbie (see first photo).

But my teen years were unashamedly anti-bangs. I didn't want to look like I had "mall hair" or "the Kennesaw Claw" as Butch Walker likes to say (Kennesaw is a northern suburb of Atlanta).

Look at all those shiny foreheads, y'all!

If you need more help deciding since I am, obviously, no longer a five year old child or fifteen year old highschooler, feel free to peruse the last nine months of my blog posts.

Go on. I'll wait.


AJClarke said...

I think you pull of bangs quite well! But, if you decide to grow them out, you can always cut them again! (I know, that was an incredible decisive answer, wasn't it? ;-) )

Cheltz said...

I vote for bangs! But, I'm not the one who has to take care of them :).