It's Friday! Now, go jump out of a plane.

Once upon a time, I went skydiving.

Actually, I went twice, so I guess that should read, "Twice upon a time".

The first time I went, my best friend, Lauren, and Pierce went with me. It was something we'd talked about for years, and the day after New Year's Day 2010 seemed like the perfect time to go. Except we didn't really think about how cold it would be waaaaaay up there 10,000 feet above the ground. 

Yeah. Anyone ever jumped out of a plane when it's -2 degrees outside? *

I wouldn't recommend it. 

(Jumping out of a plane in January, I mean. Not skydiving. Skydiving is awesome.)

In 2011,  I went a second time with my cousin, Brittany, to celebrate her 25th birthday. This time it was during spring, so my fingers didn't turn purple and take almost a full hour to stop throbbing with pain after I landed. No, the second time was spectacular. And I jumped from 14,000 feet so the drop was almost a full minute long.

Craziness, people. You should try it. Seriously.

Happy Friday!

*These are the pictures of my first jump. I could barely think it was so cold. So just in case you have a death wish or you haven't gotten the point already, wait until it's warm. Otherwise you'll end up wearing a scarf that flies up around your face and makes you look like a bank-robber.

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