a saturday morning pancake date

Hi friends! I hope your week is going well, so far. I can't complain about mine. I mean, I could, but what is there to complain about, really? I'm sure I could find something, but there's no fun in that when my days are really filled with so much loveliness. (Life is not perfect, but that's the point, I think.)

On Saturday, before I got dressed to head out for my niece's birthday, I woke up next to my sweet husband and the first thing he said to me was, "Wifey, whadaya say I go make us some pancakes and bacon and eggs?" He's a keeper, all right. And I'm not one to turn down food, especially when it's being cooked for me. 

So we turned on the Pandora station and had ourselves a little dance party in the kitchen while the pancakes simmered on our griddle. 

And breakfast was yummy, too.


Mrs. Skeels said...

Ummm excuse me where are the chocolate chips? LOL Pancakes are not complete without chocolate chips!

C.Curley said...

Those are my FAVORITE Saturdays! We usually cook breakfast on Saturdays unless something unusual is happening (like Scott working this weekend...boo!!!). But I LOVE listening to music, singing, and dancing while cooking. It's really the only way I can even tolerate cooking! Well...that and the fact that I get yummy food afterwards. :) Glad you had a fun morning!