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A few months back, author Marie Astor sent me an excerpt from her novel Lucky Charm so I could give you guys a sneak preview of what was to come from this very talented writer. Today, I'm happy to share another excerpt from one of Marie's books, and this one comes from her newest release This Tangled Thing Called Love. Check it out and be sure to enter the giveaway!

As she walked up Second Avenue toward her building, Claire’s gaze traveled to the top floor apartment. The light was on, and before she could stop herself with thoughts of propriety, her head was tilting for a better view. A glimpse of Alec lurked in the window – it was only his silhouette really, but the shape of his lean torso was unmistakable as was the cat-like grace of his movements. Again, it looked like he was dancing, but then that was the way Alec moved, even when he was simply walking.

I wonder what’s he doing up there? Claire mused, as she recounted her earlier encounter with Alec at the art gallery: the flirtatious tone of his voice, the playful sparks in his eyes, the way his hair brushed against his neck. She had been so brisk with him, her voice prim and her lips set, while all she wanted to do instead was break into a smile and flirt right back. What harm could there be in a little flirtation? Jake flirted with her at work all the time, and that did not mean a thing – Jake knew she was with David and confided to her all of his love conquests. But with Alec, she could not bring herself to say anything other than matter-of-fact remarks – every time she saw him, something inside her constricted, making her run for the cover of prudishness. The forced primness felt both as a haven and a jail – a haven from anything that might go awry, and a jail that precluded anything wonderful from happening, for that was exactly the emotion that stirred in her every time she ran into Alec – that something incredibly wonderful might happen. It was also the emotion that sent Claire scurrying for cover, acting as a bona fide ice maiden, leaving her trapped in her own confusion. Just what was it about Alec that affected her so, Claire had no idea – she barely knew the guy, and yet, every time she saw him, she felt her breath catch. She did not even feel about David the same way; granted, her feelings for David went beyond some silly infatuation – theirs was a deep routed affection, but even when they first met, Claire did not remember the prickling, disorienting, but also wonderfully uplifting sensation that overtook her every time she looked at Alec. 

Thanks you, Marie, for sharing your talent!

If you want to know more about this fabulous author, please visit her website, or say hello on Facebook. To purchase your own copy of This Tangled Thing Called Love visit Marie's pages on Amazon or Goodreads.

And, for five lucky winners, Marie is offering a giveaway of a one lovely piece of jewelry, as shown below. One bonus winner will also win a $10 Amazon gift card! All you have to do is leave a comment and you'll be entered into the contest. Anyone who purchases their copy of This Tangled Thing Called Love before August 27th and sends a copy of their book receipt to Samantha at ChickLitPlus(dot)com will receive FIVE additional entries! 

{Please note this contest is open to U.S. residents only}


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