So I've got four little girls in my life who are pretty darn special.

Mary Grace.



And baby Savannah.

I have so many fond memories with these little ladies. One is twelve. One will be nine in a week. One will be seven in two weeks. And the latest is still growing in her Mama's womb. 

I've been talking a whole lot about motherhood on this blog lately. But being an aunt has probably been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I've seen how challenging it is to raise a child and I've had the privilege of learning from other people's mistakes until I get the chance to learn from my own. I've watched these girls grow and discover and laugh and love. 

Gosh, it's just a joyful experience. Being an aunt. It's pretty much my favorite.

Some of my sweetest memories are watching them sleep or hugging their little necks. I love when they dream big and tell me stories. They're developing such strong, independent personalities and, yet they're still just babies. But they've got their own styles and they've got their own opinions. 

One is a lover of dolls and princesses and Disney. 

One is a creative spirit who makes her own videos and writes her own songs.

One is a book nerd with a heart of gold.

And one is still in the womb, even now becoming the unique little girl we'll meet in just a few short months.

I hope they know just how amazing they are to me. To everyone. And how incredible their lives are making ours...every single moment.

Girls, if I could tell you one thing it would be this: 

You are WORTHY. 

Not because Aunt Weena said so. Not because your parents said so. And not because you've gotten the approval of the girls in your class, or your teachers, or your friends.

You are worthy because of Jesus.

 He is all the strength and courage of your Daddy. He is watching your pretty Mama put on her makeup. He is that sweet smell of leaves in the fall. He is those laughs you share with Aunt Kati. He's the hugs you get from Mamer, Manny,  Cessy, Syndie and Ellen. He is silly like Pop and Papa. He is that pretty dress you wear or those funky sneakers that just came in the mail. He is hot chocolate and catching turtles in the pond and "serious faces" all rolled into One.

He is everything I love about YOU, my sweet girls. And I know that because He is the One who made you.

Did you know His thoughts for you outnumber the grains of sand? Did you know He knew you before you were born? Did you know your dreams are mere whispers in light of the extraordinary things He has planned for you? 

Love with Jesus is an adventure. It's not for the faint of heart, my girls.

But oh my goodness. You all love adventure, don't you? You climb trees like you were born in them. You skate down sidewalks with no fear. You hop on that crazy ride at the fair and when it's over you shout, "Let's do it again!"

Be courageous like that with Jesus. Let Him take you where He wants you to go. It will be scary. It might even make you cry sometimes. But there's no greater love than that of a Savior who gave His life for you. And that's what He did. He gave His life you.

And one more thing:

If you need my help, don't be afraid to ask. Never be afraid.

I'll be here. Just say the word.


C.Curley said...

So sweet and beautiful! These girls are lucky to have you in their lives. I, too, love being an aunt, but unfortunately I only see my niece a few times a year because she lives so far away. You are blessed to be able to share so many sweet moments with them.

K. Seaton said...

What a beautiful sentiment to share with these beautiful sweet girls. I want you to know that my aunt is my most absolute best friend to this day. She has NEVER let me down and has ALWAYS loved me unconditionally. This is what you will always have with them and it is far more precious than anything on earth:) You are a truly inspirational young lady, Wendy.

My name is Wendi! said...

Thank you both SO much! :) I love reading comments and yours are particularly sweet. They are definitely some special ladies.