As a former gymnast, I am so proud of our women's Olympic gymnastics team.

When I was eleven years old, I sat glued to my television screen as the Magnificent Seven competed for gold. I marveled at Dominique Moceanu's spunk and powerhouse talent (she was my favorite). I wanted more than anything to be just forty-five minutes down the road from our house where the Olympics were being held in our capital city of Atlanta. I did cartwheels and splits and handstands in our living room floor, pretending that I was Shannon Miller. I cried when Kerri Strug messed up her first vault at the finals because I thought all was lost. And then I cried some more when she nailed that unforgettable landing- on one foot- and made history.

And, now, our women's gymnastics team- The Fab Five- has done it again.

Go Team USA!

I love the Olympics. 

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C.Curley said...

I'm SO sad that we don't have cable to watch the Olympics! Honestly, I've never gotten into it as much as I did when they were in Atlanta. I wish I had been a little older so I could have really appreciated the fact that they were there. But all those things you said you remember...I remember them too. The gymnasts that year were SO good! And Dominique Moceanu was my favorite too! :)