birthdays and babies

We've had a lot of birthdays over here in the last few weeks and in this week alone we had three (not including the two we celebrated at work, as well!). Apparently, people like to get busy around Thanksgiving.

Monday was Mary Beth's 25th, and on Sunday we had brunch at J. Christopher's with a bunch of her friends from work and church. The food was SO amazing! We didn't really get to spend a ton of time together, so I'll be heading over to her place tonight to make another lovely birthday cake from the box and watch Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (gah, I love that movie!). 

Monday was also my sweet niece's 12th (!) birthday. I just can't get over how lovely and grown up she is. I remember coming home from a day trip to the Lost Sea with my family that summer in 2000 to find my dad's house totally abandoned, save my uncle, Joe, who was vacuuming. After about 15 minutes of conversation with my brother and I, he looked up and said, "Oh yeah! Your sister had her baby!" and we sprang into action. That twenty-minute car ride to the hospital (where I was also born) was the longest of our lives. And MG was such a beautiful baby. She's an even more beautiful young woman and I am so proud of her!

Tuesday was Lauren's birthday, but as you can see from this post we had to celebrate a little early because she left to head back to Panama on Monday. I miss her already!

We also spent some time with Pierce's family this weekend and finally got to meet our little niece, Ashleigh, who will be turning two in November. She is SUCH a doll! Pierce's brother, Quentin, and his wife, Anni, live in Florida right now and Q's been serving overseas for awhile, so it's always a little tough to get together. Pierce and I played with Ashleigh for most of the night, chasing after her in the hallway and playing hide-and-seek. Pierce's favorite game was one where he'd ask her "Ready?" to which she would mimic him and then run head first towards his waiting arms. Baby-tossing would ensue, as would a chorus of giggles. I loved watching them together and getting a little glimpse into what our life will be like with our own children. Can I just say I don't think there's anything sexier than seeing my husband hold a sweet baby girl? When did THAT happen?

I also got to play Cassi in Scattergories (a Nunnery favorite) and we tied! She always beats everyone, and I often take this as a personal affront, being the family wordsmith and all. I can sleep better at night knowing she didn't slaughter me this time. 

Oh, and let me share this little gem with you before I go:

That's Hubby and his big brother, Q, back in the early 2000s. I can't get over Pierce's youthful, gangly self (or the scary resemblance to his brother). 

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