30 days of june

1. I found a robin's egg at my Grandpa's house.
2. Grandpa Pete's "Open" sign.
3. Sister-in-law Cassi's hands, telling stories.
4. Daddy's house. Love that front porch!
5. The view of Daddy's front yard.
6. My daddy.
7. My Grandpa Pete, laughing.
8. Grandpa Pete's HUGE tomato plant, "Big Tom".
9. My great-great-grandfather, the son of John Gillian Barclay, the first of our Scottish ancestors to come over to the United States (sometime around the 1850s).
10. My great-grandfather and his wife.
11. Love for my fedora and my blue pants.
12. More love for my blue pants.
13. Aaaaannnd...more love for the blue pants (and Bree's adorable yellow ones, too!)

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