when friends come to visit

Well hi there!

My bestie, Lauren, just got into town this week from Panama. I saw her for a day or two back in November, but it was such a short, whirlwind trip that I barely remember it. The last time we really had a good, long visit was when she came for my mom's birthday last summer. I'm pretty excited that she'll be here for threeeee weeks! 

We went out on Monday night to the newest Tin Lizzy's in town, which has the most amazing cheese dip and tortilla chips. I was good, for the most part, but I did have a few little dips in the cheese bowl. And on that note, I've got three more days left of my Daniel Fast, and I really feel an incredible change in  my energy and the lightness of my body. Plus, those two liters of water I drink everyday make me feel pretty awesome, too.

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