"The strawberries taste like strawberries..."

Hi friends!

Oh my goodness, this weekend was so much fun. I had the best time (minus my slip-up) being productive around the house, writing on my novel (hooray for sticking to my commitment!), listening to great music, reading a great book, and...

...picking strawberries with my sweet, sweet friend, Mary Beth.

Sunday was just too gorgeous, and I've really been wanting to get outside and do something. The pool is great (and I haven't been enough, admittedly) but I'm still a small town girl, no matter where I live, and spending time enjoying God's creation is simply ingrained in my spirit. It's like a brand on my heart. 

When I was a girl, we had a huge backyard and there were always blackberry bushes growing wild where the grassy hills of our yard met the forest. I would spend hours picking them (and taste-testing) before going inside to rinse them, cover them with sugar, and eat them until my fingers and lips were purple.

So once I realized that strawberry-picking season was coming to an end- and that there were multiple strawberry farms still open in the metro Atlanta area- I made up my mind to go, even if I had to go alone (I drag Pierce along on lots of my girly adventures, and he is so gracious and accommodating, but I decided against asking him this time so he could get some work done).

Thankfully, my dear friend Mary Beth came along, and it was wonderful getting to spend an afternoon together- just the two of us- picking sweet, tiny strawberries straight from the source with the sun on our faces.

Days like Sunday are reminders of God's goodness to us as His children. I see how he planted all these simple pleasures for us to enjoy, and far too often I end up hidden in my house with the blinds closed. I want more of the joy I felt yesterday. I am envious for the beauty of my Father's land. And I can't wait to spend another day enjoying it!

{Bonus points for you if you know what movie my post title comes from!}