sponsor spotlight: beyond city limits

Hi friends!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Bree Doverspike, who just started blogging over at Beyond City Limits, and is my lovely sponsor. She's also a very sweet friend whom I've come to know personally over the last few months, and I just love her! I think you will, too. So be sure to pop on over and say hello!

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Thanks for having me, Wendi! 

It took me a long time to figure out where I was headed with my blog because I simply have so many interests. But what I love most about life is being creative. Music and dancing and art are huge passions of mine. And art is definitely a part of any city scene, especially Atlanta. But I feel like art is supposed to reach outside the city, and sometimes, in towns like mine, we miss out on what bigger cities have to offer. But we have art that's all our own, too. So that's where the inspiration for my title came from. It combines everything I just said with how I feel about myself. I love the city, but I love the quiet. I’m all about going out to dinner and going out for a night on the town, but at any given moment you might also hear me say, “Hey! Let’s go hiking!” Nature is God's art, anyway.

Since I just started blogging, I'm still gearing up for bigger and better content. Obviously there’ll be some other things here and there besides art because it's about variety. It’s about me and my life, and I’m not just one-dimensional.

Also, I’ve been reaching out to various artists and musicians to share their inspiration and creativity. I had photography classes in the past, and even though I’m not professional, I love to capture moments on film. I want to share what I see through my lens.

Most importantly, I'll be sharing my faith on Beyond City Limits. I attend 12Stone Church just outside Atlanta, and we have a college ministry called Water’s Edge. Recently, we've been on a series called Pathways where we talk about different ways to connect to God, and how different things in life can create pathways to Him. This series has really influenced my thinking on why I love art and nature and music so much. And it's definitely going to influence my blogging :).

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