ode to my first red lipstick

dear red lipstick,

you are amazing.

really. just incredible.

you make my teeth look whiter without my having to use those horrible whitening trays OR my favorite photo editing techniques. and since i have such big teeth, i just want to say thank you for that. 

red lipstick, your name is bloody brilliant. i mean, "british red"? come on! it's like we were made for each other.

my mom has always preferred pink, your counter-part, but i've always thought pink lipstick makes me look like i'm trying to be twelve again. and, yes, sometimes i act twelve but i am, in fact, twenty-six...going on thirteen, thank you very much!

i kind of feel like a movie star when i wear you which, so far, has only been once...while getting ready in my closet...so i can't wait to see how you make me feel out in public.

red lipstick, you are daring and bold and fun. and sexy, too. i like that. i like to be daring and bold and fun and sexy. sometimes all at once.

so here's to you, red lipstick. and all the adventures we'll have together.

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meme-and-he said...

looks great! It is always a big move to go with the red lips...I remember the first time I wore it I thought everyone was staring at me. Ha!!