elementary. that's what that was.

I made an uh-oh, y'all.

First of all...today was a great day. I slept in, got some Mexican food with our roomie (cheese dip!!!), cleaned our bed/bathrooms from top to bottom, wrote 2,000 words on my novel, and caught up on some other reading.

And then I went online to pay a credit card bill.

And realized- with my mouth hanging open, stricken with terror- that I forgot to pay my bill last month.


I guess I made the assumption that my last payment was for May, when really I was paying at the end of April's cycle. The gist here is that I messed up. My timing was off, and I accidentally skipped last month's payment.

And messing up a credit card payment during loan approval for a short sale is NOT a good thing, people. In fact, it's an elementary, rather idiotic mistake on my part. 

Pierce and I have always been so careful, and we have (well, I had) excellent credit. It's one mistake. But it's a mistake at a very, very inconvenient time. I emailed our mortgage lender and told her what happened. I paid the balance in full as soon as I realized my stupidity, and in a few days I can request an updated credit report and my score will go right back up. All of that will be fine. But the mistake I made will remain a big ugly red mark on my history for, oh, about 3 years.


Please, banks, have some mercy. We really are responsible adults. 



Optimistic Existentialist said...

I didn't realize that one late payment would be showing up on your credit report...I thought that only things in collections show up on there?

My name is Wendi! said...

Anything that goes past 30 days. And since I thought I'd already paid last month, I was right at the 30-day mark :(.

meme-and-he said...

ugh! that happened to me once, and I had to pay a $30 fee...its the worst feeling. and don't you wish you could just tell them, "but really! I am so responsible! Give me another chance!"