Hi friends!

I just want you all to know that if you need me tonight, I'll be snuggled up in a movie theater with two sweet friends, hugging my Daniel Fast-friendly tub of popcorn (smuggled in, of course!), watching this amazing movie:

One of said friends is my cousin, Brittany, who is both a Scot AND a redhead with unruly, gorgeous curls. I've only got the Scottish part of that equation, but it's good enough. I mean, seriously? Can we just jump around and sing happy songs about the fact that this bad-ass chick is the first of the Pixar characters to make the coveted Disney Princess line? (and did I mention that she's Scottish?!)

Is no one else excited about this?

Anyway...yeah. That's where I'll be tonight!

Enjoy your weekend, people. And one more thing:

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