Around the House: Our Bedroom

I love our apartment, and we've had a blast living with my cousin for the past year. Our styles are extremely different though...she's very clean, contemporary, and modern, whereas I prefer a more cozy, antique style. Pierce really could care less about style; he's more concerned with the way certain things around the house operate (i.e. how we do laundry and how the dishwasher is loaded). So when we moved in together we had to compromise on the way we decorated. It wasn't too hard; Pierce and I had more shelving, so we loaded them up with all our books and kitschy decor while Brittany kept things simple with all things Ikea. But I'm looking forward to us owning our own home so Pierce and I can really take our time turning it into a space that's "us".

Anyway, I think what we've got now is lovely all on its own, so welcome to our home!

{Our dresser}

{My nightstand...and, yes, that's a replica of the Harry Potter
Mirror of Erised}
{What's a home without a Bella?}
{Or a Lady?}
{One of my favorite photos of me and Pierce, taken at a photo booth in the
Stonecrest Mall just months before our wedding}

{I've commissioned my very talented father to
build a headboard for us...can't wait!}

{My aunt, who made my wedding dress, also stitched
the poem she read at the ceremony as a gift for us }

{My next project is to tackle all my collages and create this for our
living and bedrooms}
{Because we HAVE to. The glass on mine is broken, but I have
a similar frame.}
{More GSU memories...our favorite place in the world.}
{Photos of my college graduation and our unity candle}
{I had this chair in my high school bedroom. It needs to be
re-upholstered, but I still love it!}

And, because this is a blog about my life and my life is in no way consistently pretty or organized, here's a photo of the huge pile of laundry I kept moving around the room while I took pictures. 


Pink Chai Raj said...

It looks like a very cute and cozy place. All of the little knick-knacks and vignettes are personal and make the place look loved, and lived in!

Pink Chai Style

My name is Wendi! said...

Well thank you very much! :)