...was my one-year anniversary as the Senior Writer at Legacy.

Yesterday...I got cake!

Yesterday...we made an offer on this house, and now we're waiting...

Yesterday...Chelsea and I took more fun pics outside of work. Because that's what we do best (see evidence above and below).

Yesterday...I wore bright blue skinnies, the cutest gray tank with black polka-dots, and my hair stayed curly all day. 

Yesterday...I felt kind of like a rock star.

Yesterday....I watched the season finale of SMASH. And it was amazing.

Yesterday...I went to bed at 9:30 and got almost nine hours of sleep.

Today...started off on a shaky note, but I've got my iced coffee and my hair is STILL curly! So go me.

How is your day going?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a beautiful post!!

brian said...

you look fabulous if you dont mind me saying so and im glad that you hade a great day yesterday and i hope today is even better
my day is going great
today i woke up at 5:00 and ran 5 miles through the woods
today i posted a poem that i wrote to a long lost love on my blog and it made me sad
today i mowed an acre of land before i went to work but i enjoy doing me time to think
today i went to work and am hot and am sweating like a pig
today is a good day to be alive dont you agree

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun workplace ;)

I wish I could work in the outdoors more, it is. Le sigh*