to the moms

Happy Mother's Day!

Pierce's mom is out of town this weekend to spend some time with his sister-in-law, Anni. We missed her today, but we had a blast at my mom's house with my brother, his family, and my little sister, Kati.

I'm so grateful to have such exceptional women in my life. My mother has taught us how to be strong and independent, and yet we learned from her the value of a gentle spirit and a sweet, compassionate heart. She would, literally, give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She would probably get you a whole outfit, fill up your tummy, and invite you in to stay for awhile, too. I admire her more than words can say, and I hope to be like her when I become a mother, too.

Lunch today was simple, with chicken salad croissants, fruit, and other finger foods, and we mostly just spent the afternoon laughing, playing, and being silly.

(I also maybe have photographic evidence of our homemade Slip-N-Slide, and the resulting grassy, dirty mess, but those photos are under lock and key! It was hilarious, but it looks a little too backwoods for my taste. Haha!)

I'm really missing my big sister and her littles today, but a full afternoon with my sweet, sassy mother and our family was almost enough to tide me over until we get to visit them in Kansas.

Kati made this all by herself in Fibers class. So pretty!
I have officially commissioned her to make my t-shirt quilt.

An old school portrait of my mom's babies, back in 1997. From left:
Me, age 12, Beth, age 15, Tommy, age 14, and Kati, 10 months.

I love my big brother!

Pretty mamas!
Take 1.
Take 2.
Kati's silly model pose.
3rd take's the charm!

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