this week

It's been a good week.

On Monday night, we got to watch the Atlanta Hawks play their second NBA playoff game from Arthur Blank's box suite at Philips Arena (for the millionth time...I love my husband's job). We lost (I think I might be a jinx to my favorite teams!) but we had a good time anyway.

Wednesday night, we went with our realtor to visit a townhome. And we loved it.

And guess what?

We made an offer today!

What a crazy, exciting, nerve-wracking process. We're in competition with another offer, but since it's a foreclosure, the bank wants more than one. They weren't happy with the first, for whatever reason, so maybe they'll be happy with ours! Here's hoping!

Tonight, we were going to go to the live recording of Northpoint Ministries' newest praise and worship CD (our church, Buckhead Church, is one of Northpoint's campuses, btw), but we were just too tired. They had food trucks there and everything for people who wanted to come out and be the "live" audience. Maybe next time.

It was good to come home tonight and get settled, have some dinner at Twisted Taco (YUM!), and put on my pjs a little early.

Plus, I'm blogging now, so it's been a pretty productive day, as evidenced by mine and Chelsea's third work photo shoot in as many days!

Have a great night y'all and I'll see you this weekend. Maybe even tomorrow. Who knows? Anything can happen.

He likes his Hawks. I've seen him at three games so far. But he's from
Atlanta, so what do I expect?

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

That's so exciting that you are looking at a house! Sounds like you've had a good week Wendi :-)