on my reading list...

Just thought I'd share some amazing books that I'm currently drowning myself in (don't judge; sometimes I like to read more than one book at a time!):

Joshilyn Jackson's the girl who stopped swimming

This woman is kind of my literary hero...she puts words together that are so rich I have to speak them aloud so I know what they feel like coming out of my mouth.

Plus, she's from Georgia, she lives in my city, and she's hilarious, to boot.

Francis Chan's Erasing Hell

Another brilliant, controversial, thought-provoking narrative from the pastor who brought us CrazyLove.

I'm also reading and re-reading and editing my own YA novel, which is currently unfinished but established at a positive 30,000 words (I'm aiming for 50,000). No title and no pictures, I'm sorry to say, but I have faith they'll be coming soon...

Enjoy your Hump day!

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