Jennifer's Garden: A Review

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Today I'm so excited to share my review of Dianne Venetta's beach read Jennifer's Garden! Summer is just around the corner, so if you're looking for something to toss in your carry-on, read on...

Jennifer's Garden: A Summary

In a race against time, cardiologist Jennifer Hamilton is caught between her mother's dying wish and taking the risk of a lifetime with Jackson Montgomery. He's the man hired to complete the landscaping for her new home: the venue for her upcoming wedding. Jackson's everything she never wanted in a man, but as the job progresses, his lure pulls strong. It's an attraction she cannot deny...and one that puts her career on the line.

Jennifer's Garden: What I Think

This is the kind of book that reminds me why I'm a girl. I love watching (or in this case, reading) the drama of someone else's life unfold without actually experiencing it myself. Jennifer's Garden appeals to me in the same way Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed did (does): I get to experience Jennifer's anxiety about "choosing the right man" without having to deal with any of the guilt about making the wrong decision. 

I'm always a little concerned whenever I read a book that's been self-published because not every author takes the time to get a professional editor (or even use spell check!), but Dianne is, thankfully, not one of those authors. Jennifer's Garden was well-written with even pace, and not only was her protagonist an evolving character, her relationship with Jax paralleled this personal journey, as well. 

I think it's crucial for a story to take its readers beyond external situations and put them into the heart of the matter, where the tension of the relational experience is really happening. I felt that with Jennifer and Jax, and I can't wait to read Dianne's follow-up Lust on the Rocks!

To get your own copy of Jennifer's Garden, visit Goodreads or Amazon, and then stop by Dianne's official website and get to know more about this fabulous author!

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Dianne Venetta said...

Thanks for taking the time with Jennifer and Jax! Caution: Samantha Rawlings is a bit spicier in her Lust on the Rocks story.

Watch for the third in this series to be released this summer!! Whisper Privileges...

Trapped between a desire to mix business with pleasure and a boy who reminds her of a life she swore to move beyond, Sydney is at a personal crossroads. She can have career or love—but to attain both? That requires a consent she yearns to give, but fears impossible...