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Hi friends!

I've got some little updates for y'all today:

1) The offer we made on the house was counter-offered with a price we simply cannot pay. So we're headed back to the drawing board. We're disappointed, but we know that our house is out there. We're pretty limited in our budget as it relates to where we want to live, but we're trusting in God to lead us in the right direction. I'm not going to lie, though, and say I'm not impatient. I am. 
2) Yesterday was kind of a tough day, what with our offer being rejected and all. But that was nothing compared to the fact that my mother's house was robbed last night. I'm truly humbled by the Spirit's little nudges on our hearts and I'll tell you why. Usually, my little sister, Kati, is at home by herself in the afternoon until my mom gets home. But, on Thursday night, my sister's close friend sent her a last-minute text message invite to Six Flags for the following day. My mom could have easily said no, since it was so late. But she said yes. It would be nice for Kati to go have some fun with her friends. And, yesterday, on her way home from work, my mom decided to stop and eat dinner with a friend. This friend, who drives a motorcycle, also followed her home so they could relax, sit out on the porch, and enjoy their Friday night together. We're almost certain whoever was in our home was still there when my mother and her friend arrived. They barely took anything. The motorcycle appeared to have scared them off, but not before they took her jewelry. Nothing else in the house was touched. They broke in the side door, shattered the glass, and made a beeline for my mother's room. I can't tell you anymore than that...but what we know points to someone we know. What was taken, and where it was found, would only have been noticed by someone who had been in my mother's house before. When I got the phone call last night, and heard my mother's tears on the other end, I just sobbed. I was relieved that no one was home, but so hurt. That was once my home, too, and the thought of someone creeping through it, intent on taking what wasn't theirs to take, is heartbreaking. People should be able to feel safe in their homes. And I can't help but imagine all the "what-ifs". What if my sister had been there alone? What if my mom had come home earlier? They could have made different choices, but it is those choices that convince me our heavenly Father is looking out for us when He knows danger is approaching. We don't always listen to His urging. And sometimes we live to regret it. But last night, thankfully, was not one of those times. 
3) To follow-up that story with some good news...I wrote 1,000 words on my novel today! Hooray! It's been a quiet day but, surprisingly, we've gotten quite a lot accomplished. We cleaned our bedroom, did some dishes, saw The Avengers (fantastic movie!), and made a homemade bbq chicken pizza for dinner. SO GOOD! Oh, and I also started on a cute little DIY project for Mother's Day tomorrow. Tutorial coming soon!

Hope y'all enjoy your Saturday night. Be safe and tell someone you love them!

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