I painted a picture (or two), MB graduated from SLIP, and then Hubby and I played Chinese Fire Drill on the way to church...

This weekend has been so busy, but so fun, too. Friday night, Hubby went to spend the night with our friends Ray and Lauren so the guys could get together early Saturday morning to play golf. I stayed at home, ate Chinese food, painted some pictures, hemmed a dress from Goodwill, and watched A Dangerous Method (Keira Knightley is brilliant in that crazy movie!). I also had a dance party in the bedroom to Lady GaGa. She's fun, that one. 

Details on the shoulder of the dress...so cute!

Unfortunately, I might have stained my newly hemmed dress when I ironed it. It was only $4.95 from Goodwill, but it was such an adorable find and I'm afraid I might never get around to wearing it (except when i style it for blog pictures, that is...).

Saturday was a celebration of Mary Beth's graduation from the Sign language Interpreting Program at Georgia Perimeter College. I am so proud of her! It takes so much passion to work in that field (my mother has been a freelance interpreter for 20 years). I remember, back in 2009 when Mary Beth graduated from GSU, she was going to pursue a law degree. It was what she'd always been encouraged to do, but right before taking the LSAT, she decided to pursue interpreting. It was a big change, a big leap of faith, but I believe s honored the calling God placed on her life when she made that change, and I believe even more so that God is going to use her in powerful ways as an interpreter.

I realize I look like a giant in this photo. It's the 
unfortunate result of being 5'10" and bad camera angles.

This morning, Hubby went to volunteer with his 6th grade kiddos in Transit, while I filled in for my Inside Out co-leader, Sarah, in Waumba Land with the 3-year olds. Another fun-filled day of sweet little ones! I just love reading to them, singing songs, and being silly. And I love that they're learning so much about Jesus.

But my highlight of the day, so far, was playing Chinese Fire Drill with Hubby on the way to church. 

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